GA2 Medical is a proud manufacturer of disposable & reusable plastic kidney dishes. Our kidney dishes are available in 700mL and 1000mL capacities and are supplied to many hospitals, procedure pack manufacturers, healthcare facilities, wholesalers and end users.

Kidney Dish

We don’t source our kidney dishes from overseas or low quality suppliers. We manufacture them in our ISO 13485:2016 certified controlled manufacturing facility here at GA2 Medical.

As a result, we can provide you with a guarantee that our disposable and reusable kidney dishes are manufactured to the highest quality without any standards or quality fading over time.

GA2 Medical Offers More Than Just Kidney Dishes

We understand the importance of a manufacturer or supplier that offers quality products as well as customer service to match. That’s why we operate all aspects of our business with our 6 Point Promise. We provide a unique approach where we work as a business partner, not simple just a vendor.

Contact us today and discover why we live by our motto: PERFORMANCE. BEYOND. EXPECTATIONS.

Disposable Kidney Dishes

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Autoclavable Kidney Dishes

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