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GA2 Medical Malaysia is a manufacturer and distributor of disposable and re-usable medical equipment and supplies. We are a medical equipment manufacturer specialising in disposable, single patient use and reusable plastic hollowware products servicing customers in Malaysia and throughout the world.

Our products are suitable for a variety of applications which include:
+ Custom Procedure Pack Manufacturers
+ Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
+ Medical Equipment Manufacturers
+ Health Clinics and Day Surgeries
+ Equipment Suppliers & Distributors

Our manufacturing facility is located in Klang – approximately 1 hour drive from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. This makes us perfectly positioned to take advantage of logistical, economic and transportation benefits. Port Klang is also in close proximity, which is the main gateway by sea for Malaysia.

Our disposable medical supplies have been recognised for outstanding quality and exceeding customer expectations. They have been purchased and used throughout the Oceanic region including Australia, New Zealand, Pupua New Guinea and Hong Kong for over 10 years, through initial manufacture and sale via GA2 Medical’s Australian counterpart company Constar Pty Ltd. Constar is the exclusive medical equipment supplier for GA2 Medical’s products within Australia.

Our products are quality assured, and CE marked for exporting to customers within the European Community through successful compliance to ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System for Medical Devices by internationally recognised certification body TÜV Rheinland.

Bowls - Disposable

Bowls, Disposable
B250BBowl Blue250mL500Non-Sterile
B250GBowl Green250mL500Non-Sterile
B250CBowl Clear250mL500Non-Sterile
B500BBowl Blue500mL300Non-Sterile
B500GBowl Green500mL300Non-Sterile
B500CBowl Clear500mL300Non-Sterile
B1000BBowl Blue1000mL270Non-Sterile
B1000GBowl Green1000mL270Non-Sterile
B1000CBowl Clear1000mL270Non-Sterile
B2000BBowl Blue2000mL100Non-Sterile
B2000GBowl Green2000mL100Non-Sterile
B2000CBowl Clear2000mL100Non-Sterile
B5000BBowl Blue5000mL50Non-Sterile
B5000GBowl Green5000mL50Non-Sterile
B5000CBowl Clear5000mL50Non-Sterile
B6000BBowl Blue6000mL40Non-Sterile
B6000GBowl Green6000mL40Non-Sterile
B6000CBowl Clear6000mL40Non-Sterile

Kidney Dishes - Disposable

Kidney Dishes, Disposable
DK700BSKidney Dish Blue700mL250Non-Sterile
DK700GSKidney Dish Green700mL250Non-Sterile
DK700YSKidney Dish Yellow700mL250Non-Sterile
DK700CSKidney Dish Clear700mL250Non-Sterile
DK1000BSKidney Dish Blue1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000GSKidney Dish Green1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000YSKidney Dish Yellow1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000CSKidney Dish Natural1000mL100Non-Sterile

Gallipots - Disposable

Gallipot, Disposable
BG60CGallipot Clear60mL1000Non-Sterile
BG150CGallipot Clear150mL1000Non-Sterile
B250CGallipot Clear250mL500Non-Sterile
B500CGallipot Clear500mL300Non-Sterile

Medicine Measures - Disposable

Medicine Measure, Disposable
MM30Medicine Cup30mL5000Non-Sterile
MM60Medicine Cup60mL1000Non-Sterile

Injection Trays - Disposable

Injection Trays, Disposable
TP200BInjection Tray Blue 20cm x 7cm x 3cm200mL350Non-Sterile
TP200GInjection Tray Green 20cm x 7cm x 3cm200mL350Non-Sterile
TP200YInjection Tray Yellow 20cm x 7cm x 3cm200mL350Non-Sterile
TP200CInjection Tray Clear 20cm x 7cm x 3cm200mL350Non-Sterile

Trays - Disposable

Trays, Disposable
TP500BTray Blue 26cm x 9cm x 4cm500mL175Non-Sterile
TP500GTray Green 26cm x 9cm x 4cm500mL175Non-Sterile
TP500YTray Yellow 26cm x 9cm x 4cm500mL175Non-Sterile
TP500CTray Natural 26cm x 9cm x 4cm500mL175Non-Sterile
MT01BTray Blue 24cm x 20cm x 4cm1500mL80Non-Sterile
MT01GTray Green 24cm x 20cm x 4cm1500mL80Non-Sterile
MT01YTray Yellow 24cm x 20cm x 4cm1500mL80Non-Sterile
MT01CTray Natural 24cm x 20cm x 4cm1500mL80Non-Sterile

Denture Bowls - Disposable

Denture Bowls, Disposable
B250BL50Denture Bowl Blue & Natural Lid250mL50Non-Sterile
Denture Bowl Green & Natural Lid250mL50Non-Sterile
B250CL50Denture Bowl Clear & Natural Lid250mL50Non-Sterile

Bowls - Reusable

Bowls, Reusable
B100BUBowl Blue150mL10Non-Sterile
B100GUBowl Green150mL10Non-Sterile
B140BUBowl Blue500mL10Non-Sterile
B140GUBowl Green500mL10Non-Sterile
B185BUBowl Blue1000mL10Non-Sterile
B185GUBowl Green1000mL10Non-Sterile
B205BUBowl Blue1500mL10Non-Sterile
B205GUBowl Green1500mL10Non-Sterile
B240BUBowl Blue2500mL10Non-Sterile
B240GUBowl Green2500mL10Non-Sterile
B305BUBowl Blue3500mL10Non-Sterile
B305GUBowl Green3500mL10Non-Sterile
B345BUBowl Blue6000mL10Non-Sterile
B345GUBowl Green6000mL10Non-Sterile

Kidney Dish - Reusable

Kidney Dish, Reusable
DK700BUKidney Dish Blue700mL100Non-Sterile
DK700GUKidney Dish Green700mL100Non-Sterile
DK700YUKidney Dish Yellow700mL100Non-Sterile
DK700CUKidney Dish Natural700mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000BSKidney Dish Blue1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000GSKidney Dish Green1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000YSKidney Dish Yellow1000mL100Non-Sterile
DK1000CSKidney Dish Natural1000mL100Non-Sterile

Telescopic Quiver - Disposable

Telescopic Quiver, Disposable
PLAT01Telescopic Quiver/Holster8cm - 35cm100Non-Sterile